About OBF

Like a bed, a home is a nest for mankind and competes with food for the most important priority for any family. Home ownership is so paramount that it can practically cater for everything else by itself including income for food, healthcare and education to those who own enough to rent. 


100 million people in the world are completely homeless without even a roof, 800 million have no stable means of shelter, and over 1.6 billion people including 400 million families want to own a home but do not have the resources to do so.

OBF provides the opportunity for easy home ownership with help in everything from buying land to design, budget, financing, building and total completion with even interior decoration and furnishing to your taste as well as home insurance. 


As long as there is a genuine desire to own your own home, OBF can work with any budget size to make that dream a reality giving you trusted help in every step of the way. This commitment is in accordance with the objectives of the Development Channel, OBF parent company's desire to bridge the global development divide especially in home ownership.